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A lifetime of critical listening has opened up an interesting sideline - I also offer piano tuning, servicing and rebuilding.

While it's a joy to work on a well-maintained concert grand in a climate-controlled setting, my specialty is in finding new life in the worn and downtrodden.

With few exceptions, almost any piano can be returned to a state of playability - to become something useful to the owner/player who has reasonable expectations. Simple improvements such as new key bushings, reshaped hammers, refinished or new keytops and replacement bass strings can make a significant difference on a short budget.

My tuning fee is $120, tax included. All other repairs and services are based on $50 hourly plus materials.


A recent rebuild - 1925 Sohmer 6'4"
New pinblock, strings, damper felts,
key bushings, key tops, and a refinished plate

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