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The House of Miracles recording studio is up and running in its new location in a large 1860s stone carriage house in Cambridge, Ontario.

The main hall is over 1000 square feet - as big as the entire former House Of Miracles in London.

The 500 sq.ft mastering room was designed from scratch with critical listening as its primary purpose - there are no obstructions between the speakers and the ears, and extensive acoustic design has made the room as neutral and revealing as possible. I use mastering tools made by Studer, Manley, Crane Song, Lavry, RME, Von Schweikert, Universal Audio, Sonnox, Massey, and others.

The hall has many other useful and interesting features, including:

  • a piano repair and woodworking shop
  • a Hammond organ with Leslie speaker
  • an enormous gas stove
  • many guitars in odd shapes and sizes
  • three grand pianos and two old Canadian uprights
  • some excellent tube amplifiers
  • a very handsome drumset
  • Studer, Ampex, and Tascam multitrack formats
  • various microphones and mic amps
  • ProTools and a Mac Pro
  • assorted brass and woodwind instruments
  • some outboard processors and effects
  • silence whenever necessary

There is now a glass-walled "isolation booth", but the couch is still not leather.

Laundry, club sandwiches, and a parking lot to smoke in are all less than a block away.

Within a somewhat larger circumference (but easy to reach by foot) can be found:

  • a Scottish bakery
  • a park
  • hospital
  • pizza
  • the Beer Store
  • very good coffee
  • The Central Hotel
  • delicious subs
  • a big liquor store
  • snacks
  • the Grand and Speed rivers
  • a good breakfast special

My day rate for tracking, editing, and mixing remains $425. Mastering is $70 per hour. Please call or email for more information, or just stop in to take a look.

- Andy Magoffin


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